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11 Ways to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most debated topics is whether or not to invite children. Some couples prefer an adults-only affair, while others embrace the idea of including little ones in the celebration.

The thing is, if you decide to not invite kids, what about immediate family?

Then if you allow young family members, how do you explain your ‘no kids’ policy to other guests who would have liked to have their children attend?

Each couple has their own ideas, and ‘adults only’ weddings are common, however, should you decide to include children on your special day, here are some clever ways to keep them happy and entertained:


1.    Hire childcare professionals

You could either hire some childcare professionals to make sure the kids are entertained at the wedding, or alternatively arrange with some of the parents to bring their existing child carers with them. This option could help keep the budget in check.


2.   Create a separate space with age-appropriate activities and games.

Provide coloring books, puzzles, board games and interactive toys and have a designated area for the kids to play with these. If possible, you could also have a large TV and the kids can enjoy a 'movie night.'

Kids Wedding Activities


3.   Have special kids’ tables


Have kids’ tables where the different age groups can enjoy the wedding together. The younger children can be given special table decorations and have activities to keep them busy while they are at the table.

Activities like coloring pages can work well at the table, and there are clever coloring activity placemats like these that can be personalized for your wedding.

Kids Wedding Table


4.   Offer a special kids' menu:


Provide a menu tailored to children's preferences, with options like finger foods and kid-friendly beverages. Caterers are used to this and should easily be able to accommodate a menu that will ensure the kids will be well fed and not need the parents to be distracted during your reception proceedings.


5.   Organize kid-friendly entertainment


Should your budget allow, you could arrange for a magician, face painter, or balloon artist to keep the children engaged. This could be done in conjunction with other activities, but allow for extra entertainment during the speeches and adult’s dinner time.

 Kids Wedding Entertainers

6.   Have a special kids’ bar


Create a special bar near the kids’ table where they can go to get cooldrinks, juices or special non-alcohol ‘mocktails.’ This will be great fun for the children and help to keep things more organized.

This would mainly be for the older kids attending, and it could be a nice touch to have a younger family member acting as 'barman' for the reception.

7.   Photo time activity


The younger guests could have a lot of fun with a disposable camera. For the slightly older kids maybe, but this could work really well.

Let them go around taking pics from their viewpoint … you never know, you could end up with some amazing photos of your special day.

Young Wedding Photographers


8.   Create a kid-friendly seating arrangement:


A slightly different idea from what has previously been suggested in this article, would be to seat families together at certain tables. This would allow the kids to be in close proximity to each other, but also under the watchful eyes of their parents.

They could still have special table décor at their seats with fun activities like personalized placemats that would help their parents keep them entertained. 


9.   Special welcome boxes or bags upon arrival


You could give out special packages to the kids when they arrive that include toys, pencils, coloring activities and sweeties. This will make them feel special and give them something to keep them entertained when they get to their table.

Kids Outdoor Wedding Games



10.Outdoor games


If you have an indoor wedding, you could have special games set up outside for the kids to enjoy.

The kids can play hide and seek, giant Jenga, scavenger hunt or various other games.

Check with your chosen reception venue, as they may have equipment and activities already in place for kids to enjoy during a weddings or similar events.


11.Crafts time


A table or floorspace area could be set up for the kids to do crafting. They could use the time to create a card or piece of wedding art for you.


Card, crayons, pencils, stickers, etc. can go a long way to keeping the children entertained for a long time; and you may even get a handmade memento that is worth hanging onto.


Deciding whether to invite kids to your wedding is a personal choice that should align with your vision for the day. If you choose to include children, taking steps to ensure they are entertained and well-cared for will contribute to a memorable and enjoyable celebration for everyone involved.